How to find new roles in UK International Development sector

It’s not easy finding your feet in the International Development sector. Thankfully the REDI Collective is full of experienced practitioners with lots of wisdom to share. Our August Meet and Greet made room for new graduates to learn from REDI members, share with each other and we encouraged them to reach out to our wider network as well. As well as sharing organisations, websites and the inside scoop on how global development works, we also suggested that budding development professionals read around the sector.

Here are some resources mentioned on the call:

Updates from the sector

BOND Report on Racism, Power & Truth

Research into racialised communities’ experiences of working in development, the barriers they face to career progression and recommendations for organisations to become anti-racist.


Talking the Truth about Racial Equity in Global Development- Anniversary Event

Bond UK: Exploring women’s leadership — The Charity Report

Exploring women’s leadership in 5 INGOs is a report released by Bond UK that takes on the issues of sexism in the charity sector.

Watch this space for more events, resources and job opportunities!

Some lovely words from our new REDI Collective members…

“Thanks for this great event & opportunity, Melissa & Sanum!! Would be happy to connect with everyone”

“This has been really great. So much info and insight. Thank you!!”



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